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Airless Truck-Mounted Paint Striper

Airless Truck-Mounted Paint Striper

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JC04 Airless Highway Striper
Our basic model is built on an Isuzu 17,950 GVW, 109" wheel-base platform and features two 8.6 gallon per minute airless paint pumps, variable piston hydraulic pump, two hydraulic steerable paint gun carriages, pneumatic pointer lift, and 5 gallon stainless steel clean-up tank.
RVS07 Airless Highway Striper
Built on a 19,500 GVW 132.5 wheel-base and features 31.5 HP Kubota Diesel Engine, 11.8 GPM variable piston hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil cooler with fan, and 25 CFM delivery piston air compressor.
RVS09 Airless Highway Striper
Built on a 25,900 GVW 152” wheel-base and features a 46 HP Kubota Diesel Engine with cover assembly, tandem 11.8 GPM variable piston hydraulic pumps, and three Titan hydraulic airless paint pumps at 8.6 Gallon per minute.
Cutaway Model Highway Striper
The cutaway model allows the operator easy access to the gun carriage while keeping it tucked close behind the rear wheels.
Airless Truck-Mounted Paint Striper

All paint stripers are built to order. Brochures list some of our standard configurations, but please contact us for a quote. Our airless truck mounted paint stripers' features include but are not limited to:

  • Engines from 20 HP gas to 46 HP Diesel
  • Hydraulic system from a single 11.8 GPM pump or two tandem mounted 11.8 GPM pumps.
  • 350 lb. to 2000 lb. capacity bead tank
  • 1 to 3 paint pumps
  • Air compressors from 13 CFM belt driven piston to 35 CFM hydraulic driven rotary screw.
  • PM-305 electronic paint meter monitors drivers speed and his target speed side by side.

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